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Car Clap
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The SIQURA™ Vehicle Fogger generates an ultra-fine mist that destroys existing bacteria within the vehicle and then remains bonded to
the surfaces to create a microscopic barrier that offers long-lasting protection and peace of mind.

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SIQURA™ products continually defend surfaces against the pathogenic microbes that come their way. Offering benefits over many traditional alcohol  sanitisers including saving time, money and other resources.


When SIQURA™ protectant is applied to a surface, it immediately starts destroying and protecting. SIQURA™ products are effective on most surfaces, and have been extensively tested on a wide range of pathogens.


SIQURA™ products lock and bond to the surface that they are applied to, and form an invisible protective layer of protection.  Using the SIQURA antimicrobial range offers you greater peace of mind, knowing that SIQURA™ is actively working to defending your environment